Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance

Our Annual Multi Trip policies provide you with the same level of cover as our Single Trip policies but offer a number of benefits for the frequent traveler. When you are covered by an Annual Multi Trip policy you'll automatically have cancellation cover for any new trip you book from the moment you book it, and you'll automatically be covered when you travel abroad. You'll only need to tell us about changes once per year (rather than once per trip) and you'll be covered for up to 92 days per trip (depending on the level of cover you choose).

If you need to cover a trip longer than this then you'll need to look at a Single Trip instead

Please refer to the policy wording for full terms and conditions.

These days many people can afford to travel several times a year rather than the original yearly holiday of old. The combined cost of all the individual trip travel insurance policies can soon add up - therefore our Cedar Tree Annual Multi Trip Policy covers you for an unlimited number of trips abroad within a 12 month period.