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This page will provide you with information on emergency assistance, making a claim and claim complaints.

Medical and Other Emergencies:

+44 1473 351 754
CEGA Medical Assistance 24 hour line

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The claim notification must be made within 31 days or as soon as possible after that following any bodily injury, illness, disease, incident, event, redundancy or the discovery of any loss, theft or damage which may lead to a claim under this policy.

This is not a private medical insurance. If you go into hospital abroad and you are likely to be kept as an inpatient for more than 24 hours or if your outpatient treatment is likely to cost more than £500, someone must contact the Medical Emergency Assistance Company for you as soon as reasonably possible.

If they do not, we may not provide cover or we may reduce the amount we pay for your inpatient or outpatient treatment. If you have to return to the United Kingdom under section C (Cutting your trip short) or section B1 (Medical and other expenses outside of the United Kingdom) the Medical Emergency Assistance Company must authorise this. If they do not, we may not provide cover or we may reduce the amount we pay for your return to the United Kingdom.

Please have the following information available when you (or someone on your behalf) contact the Medical Emergency Assistance Company so that your case can be dealt with swiftly and efficiently:

  • Your name and address;
  • Your contact phone number abroad;
  • Your policy number shown on your policy schedule; and
  • The name, address and contact phone number of your GP.

All other claims:

Please note: Claims processing for 'All other claims' is currently delayed, please click here for more information on how long claims are taking on average and why they are delayed

+44 1473 921 257
Scheme Code: A00806
CEGA Travel Claims (9am-5pm Mon-Fri)
CEGA Travel Claims, PO BOX 127, Chichester, West Sussex, PO18 8WQ
Online: You can make a claim online by accessing your Customer Zone from your welcome e-mail or by clicking here.

Gadget Claims:

Policies issued on 01/01/2022 onwards

+44 345 074 4788
Davies Group (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)

Policies issued on or before 31/12/2021

+44 330 880 1756
Taurus (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)

Airline/End Supplier Failure:
+44 345 266 1872
IPP (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)

If you need any assistance with this service please contact us using the following details:

Telephone Cedar Tree Insurance on 0203 137 7922 (Monday - Friday, 9am - 5:00pm)