Your Claim

We are sorry to hear that you need to make a claim against your insurance and wanted to make you aware that claims handling is taking longer than normal at the current time.

Who handles your claim?

Most claims under your policy are handled by CEGA who are appointed by the insurer of your policy (AXA Insurance UK plc).

How long is it currently taking?

You'll receive a confirmation that your claim has been registered and a claims form/document request within 24 hours. Once you've submitted these documents it is currently taking up to 6 weeks on average to process a claim. It is really important that you supply all the documents requested as otherwise your claim may take longer than this average.

What is causing the delay?

In mid 2022 there was a significant number of large scale surge events in claims relating to airport capacity constraints, airline staffing issues, COVID related cancellations and airline failures. While staffing levels exceeded those pre-pandemic these surge waves created a backlog of claims. Around 60% of this backlog was cleared by the end of 2022 and CEGA expect to have returned to full normal service by the end of March 2023.

Where can we help?

If you've made a claim online you should get an initial e-mail with your claim number and asking you to provide documents within 24 hours, but, no more than 36 hours. If you haven't, please contact us so that we can check your claim has been correctly lodged.

If you haven't heard from CEGA, and it's been more than 6 weeks since you submitted your claim form, please contact our customer services team, and we will escalate your case with CEGA to determine the cause of the delay, and find out what has gone wrong.