Europe Travel Insurance

Our policies are designed to be family friendly as we know that many people enjoy travelling as a family. Therefore many of our policy benefits apply to all members of your party, we even cover loss of personal money for your children as well as yourselves.

Baggage delays or loss of baggage is common when flying anywhere in the world which is why we cover you for both delays over 12 hours and loss or theft of your luggage to enable you to buy the essentials and continue you with your holiday.

We also fully cover you in the event that you need medical attention whether abroad or within the UK including emergency dental work and hospital benefit.

Please Note: You'll need to select 'Europe excluding Cyprus, Greece, Spain & Turkey' to obtain our best pricing for travel to Europe.

Europe is right on our doorstep but many people forget about the variety of places that visit and see within Europe. From the harsh beauty of Iceland and Scandinavia, to the hot sandy beaches of Greece to the fantastic history left in cities such as Rome and Venice. There is so much to do and see and you can do it all with a Cedar Tree insurance policy covering you every step of the way.